Shocked ShangHai Lecture
How about clarifying and siting BioMedicine and BioTechnology ?
" Biotechnological Senior Symposium at Asia " was held at Shanghai Rainbow Hotel on 11th June 2002 . The afternoon contains 3 speeches:
The first was from Ph.D. Kazuhiro Omata, Director President of Shanghai Tsumura Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., foreign company of Tsumura & Co. which established 1893 in Japan. This company is the world largest Chinese Herbs R&D Center with 110 years experience on the Herbs R&D field in Japan. It shares 75% of the market on Chinese Herb prescription (kampo) and preparations in Japan. Tsumura is the top and the best Chinese herbs R&D center; it is also the leading company on the Herbs R&D field in the world.
The second speech was giving from Ph. Dr. S.F. Shiue, CEO of US BioMedicine Research Group (hereafter called " US BioMedicine " ). US BioMedicine is a research-oriented biomedical firm in developing and manufacturing BioMedical PolyPeptide GlycoProteins & Herbs MediFormula. The US BioMedicine Group has prepared for " HEALTHCARE " for twenty years, developing two key sciences of biomedicine and biotechnology, establishing all-round life science and healthcare that covers physiology, pathology, medicine, health, therapy, diagnosis, prescription, and the integration. His topic was: Combine " Biotechnology " with " Biomedical " To Develop Oriental Medical System Will be The Leader to The Trend of Biotechnology.
The last talk was giving from Ph.D. Huang Cheng Gang, Director of ShangHai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
It was a pleasure afternoon for all the information and there were some interesting conversation about lately biomedicine industries. Dr. Huang Cheng Gang asked Dr. Kazuhiro Omata after the first speech:
Dr. Huang: I've heard that " Tsumura Pharmaceuticals Japan " submitted couple applications to the FDA for New Drug Approval, how is the status now?
Dr. Omata: Actually, but we are now considering to drop the applications from FDA IND (Investigational New Drug) and NDA (New Drug Application). It should be a big surprise to all of you, but we finally found out that an FDA IND or NDA approval does not have anything to do on disease decision and solutions, and without marketing profit of business development. FDA approvals for products are only the " quality approval " as drugs level; it does nothing when it meets healthcare products as " natural herb formula " . Unfortunately, it can only be a plus on marketing promotions because consumers believe that and that is NOT the faith for biomedicines and scientific cytotherapy.
This conversation was deeply shocked everyone in the meeting, scientists totally agrees with him. It finally break a shadowland of scientific arena and make all global corporate decision-making come to sense.
Dr. Shiue:

I would like to share all audiences. It is time to face scientific truth: " Life Science = BioMedicine + BioTechnology, in terms of life science itself. BioMedicine is the core software, BioTechnology is the hardware. Without success of BioMedicine, BioTechnology would be useless; Without biomedicine as a key, life science research fail into right way " . This is, Dr. Shiue, Motto which is our US BioMedicine inside speaking in 1990. Therefore, in this 21th century, we hope to have opportunity to demonstrate Bill Gates eye is wrong, because he say: " He is now the world's richest, who is BT (BioTechnology) will have a chance to transcend him in the future, if any " . However, I say this one is BM (BioMedicine) and not BT.

When the global runs crazy after the BT investment, senior Tsumura & Co. coped out on chasing FDA approvals before it attains the achievement; ImClone Systems (IMCL:) basically failed to bet their boots on " research IMC-225 (now called Erbitux) as cancer medication to block the activation of EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor) " , for over 20 years, being led research by Dr. John Mendelsohn who is the cancer drug pioneer and first student studying in the laboratory at Harvard University of Nobel laureate Dr. James Watson. The boss of Erbitux Samuel Waksal was arrested for attempting illegal sells share of ImClone stock on insider-trading charges on 12/27/2001 after they muscle in FDA application. It is just one day before the FDA negative Erbitux, 12/28/2001. The ImClone shares plummeted over 85% on the same day.

BT achiever Dr. Craig Venter make Celera Genomics sequence the entire human genome just mere $0.3 billion ($300 million)+an $80 million supercomputer in a mere 3 years from May 1998 successfully beat NIH which the U.S. government approved a 15-years for $3 billion plan from 1990 to launch the HGP (Human Genome Project) at the helm of the project was Dr. James Watson, Nobel Prize-Winning for discovery of the double helix structure of DNA in 1953. However, when Craig Venter step down as president/CEO of Celera Genomics on 23rd Jan. 2002, as Celera decides re-organize as a pharmaceutical business and drug discovery company, by now he headlong find his vital failure is exactly to reckon without PDBM: " Profit-driven Business Model " . However, I doubt who will be able to clearly understand that PDBM in BT is totally relying on BM research completion and widely innovative application in human healthcare and disease solution.


June 12th, Dr. S.F. Shiue was invited to visit few places. In the early morning, he show up at the top-one reputable " ShangHai Innovative Research Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine " in another reputable pharmaceutical center " Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park " at Shanghai. Ph.D. Qian Yuemin, their Senior Bioengineer was very surprised to know that US BioMedicine has already achieved Peptide Proteins carrying & chelating Herbal Glycosides into inimitable Herbal Peptide GlycoProteins. In the meantime, complete analysis was done about all main studies for mechanism and function into top practical " BioMedical PolyPeptide GlycoProteins & Herbs MediFormula " . It was very proud that US BioMedicine was approbated by the best from this industry.

After lunch, Dr. Shiue arriving the " Traditional Chinese Drugs Co., Ltd., is one subsidiary of top reputable Shanghai Lei Yun Shang Drug Catena Co., Ltd. " , visiting Mr. Zhu Xiang, President of ShangHai Lei Yun Shang Pharmaceutical Group established 1860 in ShangHai. It has been 200 years in Shanghai and their Shanghai Hua Yu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was scaled the best company of Chinese original Medical Material industry in China. Standing in the middle of the show room, Dr. Shiue asked President/CEO Zhu Xiang: " Let's say if I am a customer, how are you going to introduce me your products from tons of them when I first step into one of your retail stores? " " On the other hand, how could you make sure if I really understand your introduction so that I will be able to choose a healthcare product/disease solution to meet my demand easily? " Mr. Zhu Xiang stay in silence, he couldn't give any answers to Dr. Shiue because he has the same questions. Dr. Shiue subsequently say to Zhu Xiang: " Global competitive survivorship shall force the corporate face alive truth: To possess decision-making of vision to early make right investment, businesslike action and effective research " . Dr. Shiue further ask him: "What is your such doyen corporate possess differential competency from global other competitors ? and why you now back joint venture enterprise with Tsumura & Co. and if nowadays have possessed enough hard-won competency? " . Mr. Zhu Xiang once again stay in silence.

18th June 2002, General Director & Senior Bioengineer of Pharmaceutical Industrial Research Institute of " GuangZhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. " Ph. Dr. Chen Feng Ting invited Dr. Shiue to give a lecture at " Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. " to all 15 directors of Pharmaceutical Research Department of Pharmaceutical Industrial Research Institute in top reputable GPC: Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Limited . In this lecture, Dr. Shiue talked about the importance to combine theories of Glycoside, Peptides, Proteins and extracting skills reflects to human health. There are three main problems and barriers of biomedicine & biotechnology in general medical systems nowadays:

1. Only abilities on how to use drugs to certain diseases, no skills on how to give a total solution to overall body care.
2. Lack of knowledge on how to use peptide to human health as a useful medical tool.
3. Does not have knowledge and experiences on combining medical skills and biotechnology.

Dr. Shiue talked about how to solve these problems and succeed cases on how human beings get recovered from diseases quickly. Audiences believe that US BioMedicine has the abilities on solving these tough problems and give back human beings a wonderful and healthful life.